A.R.T.S Life Coaching

 Anyone Ready To Soar?! 

Lisa A. Gore

Lisa is a Certified Life Coach, Self- Published Author, Weight Watchers Leader, and Motivational Speaker. She is also a Poet, Rapper, and blogger! 

"Lisa, thank you so much for taking the time to coach me back to a place of peace. I was in a bad space when I reached out to you and I really didn't want to put my venerabilityon display. But I am glad I did.

You offended me within the first 5 minutes and I silently cried while you spoke. But as the session went on, I realized, you were just what the doctor ordered. I am glad I reached out and I thank you for your honesty and commitment to my excellence.

Thank you,



ARTS Life coaching exist to help women of all ages to enjoy an abundant life! My purpose is to encourage clients to chase after their goals and aspirations until they are walking in their dreams. I will walk, jog, and run along side of you while giving you the tools that you will need to achieve that abundant life.


Whether you need help with relationships, weight -loss, self-image, or deciding to become your own Boss, my goal is to help you until you can fly on your own. I believe what the Bible says about "having life more abundantly" and I plan to help make that your reality!


I was born and named, but I wasn’t supposed to make it. I was loved and claimed, but still, I wasn’t supposed to make it. I was born In West Philadelphia to a seventeen year old girl who suffered from epilepsy, and a father who had a drug, and alcohol addiction. Due to her illness, my mother only lived eight months after giving birth to me. I never knew her, nor could I remember seeing her face, yet, I found myself crying for her many nights. That void in my life was supposed to destroy me, and I wasn’t supposed to make it.

It was March 5th, 1975 when my mother died in her sleep. You can say that my father died that day also because he was the one who found my mother in her forever rest. He was so hurt, traumatized, and depressed to say the least. Drugs and alcohol replaced me, and in that brief moment I was mother and fatherless. I know that it must have been very hard coming in and finding your wife dead a week after you celebrated your 1 year Wedding Anniversary (February 23). Unable to deal with the pain, he continued in his addiction and sold his soul to lust and drugs. He remained in bondage for my entire childhood. I grew up without an example of an honorable man in my life. I searched for love to replace his, yet, I only found pain.

I was raised by my mother’s mother and she did the best that she could. She raised me along with my two older male cousins. My aunt died six months after my mother in the same year! She was only 23 at the time of her death. My grandmother lost two children in a matter of months. When she took all of us to raise she was 62 years old. Grief became a way of life for her, but she was very strong. She had to be. She was raising an eight month old baby, a three, and a five-year old!



"When one sees a butterfly fluttering around close enough to touch their nose or hair, one would naturally become inspired by the grace, beauty and freedom of this creature; this is how I can sum up my experience with Lisa Gore.

I was at the absolute lowest point in my life and was suffering from the affects of trauma. What happened you might ask: LIFE. I had a broken heart, broken dreams, I suffered from fear/anxiety, and I had no motivation.

When I discovered A.R.T.S Life coaching, I found that Lisa had been through so much trauma as well, yet, she lives to inspire others to allow God to let life circumstances extract the beauty that He desires to give. ( Beauty for ashes, Isaiah 61:3)

Meeting Lisa was comparable to the example of the butterfly I earlier mentioned. I experienced care, compassionate counsel, Grace, love, truthfulness (sometimes painfully), empathy, knowledge, frankness, energy, silliness, passion. She lovingly walked me through each area that needed to be conquered. She is a very valuable coach because she is seasoned in life experience. It’s one thing to try to coach someone based on book knowledge, but to actually walk through the valleys of life and make it into a butterfly, that’s the most valuable coaching I believe one can get.

If you’re going through “it”, it’s highly likely that Lisa has already been through “it” and can lead you through to victory by her encouraging, insightful, Holy Spirit filled words!

Through coaching I have learned a very important principal, FIGHT! Fight passionately for what is rightfully mine and this is how I practically work through my lack of motivation. Lisa gave me the keys of living triumphantly even though I have to climb mountains. I’ve learned to embrace my past, present and future failures and to continue to move forward despite opposition. Lisa is my top choice because she is very relate-able and loving. She gave me a “sisterly” vibe because she is genuinely caring.

As our sessions flew by, I gained more clarity of the fact that I am a flower, and just as Lisa discovered through her pain that she is a unique butterfly, I discovered with coaching that, through my pain that I am a flower that has gained increased beauty.

Aseia Drumgoole, A.R.T.S Life Coaching Client 2012


"Lisa, really gave me more perspective on my life and what I need to get done ASAP and what will happen eventually. Time is of the essence! As soon as I get rid of things and people in my life that don't belong, I will be that much closer to my destiny and my soul mate. God has a soul mate for each and everyone of us, so why would He not let you meet him?"


"Last week I made an appointment with Lisa Gore with hopes that I would get some guidance. I didn't know what to give or get from this phone call and I'm happy to say I got way more then I expected. Lisa Thank you so much for the virtual PUSH! You renewed my faith in "Sisters" and put me back on the right path regarding my career and relationships. I'm feeling so good right now, I dare anyone to try and stop me. Lisa Gore is the TRUTH! Please believe me!"