A.R.T.S Life Coaching

 Anyone Ready To Soar?! 

Self-Awareness is my goal!

Self-Awareness is liberating and empowering. It is important for me to promote self-awareness within my clients because my overall goal is to get them to see who they are, accept that person (strong and weak) and no longer stand in their own way. Having self-awareness enables them to achieve their goals, dreams, and have a happy productive life. It will also cause clients to set up healthy boundaries to protect not only themselves, but others around them. When they become aware of who they really are at the core of their being and are comfortable with that person, they’ll begin to realize that they can achieve almost anything. Becoming self-aware will cause my clients to be able to do many things, such as:

Rely on Themselves

Oftentimes people are not living out their dreams and enjoying life because they rely on others to bring them joy or get the job done. If they haven’t received a promotion it’s the bosses fault. If they are not happy and joyful about life they blame it on their spouse. If depression has them down, it’s because the children are not behaving well.  Although things happen in life that can knock us off of our square, becoming self-aware empowers clients to still pursue their goals and dreams despite what others may say or do. Michael Jordan didn’t rely on the high school basketball couch that cut him from the team to tell him how great he was or could be. He was fully aware of it within himself. If he wasn’t, he may have given up.

No one can stop anyone from being happy forever; we have to decide that for ourselves. It’s true that sometimes people around as can cause us to stumble and fall, but when a client relies on themselves and their inner power, they can overcome any situation and still prevail.

Taking their Own Advice

When clients become self-aware they realize their strengths and weaknesses. They know what they like, what they don’t like, what they will, and will not tolerate in their lives. Getting advice from others is only used in situations where they are not as insightful. It actually takes a strong person to realize that. Becoming self-aware will cause clients to sharpen up their weaknesses and also follow their own intuitions. People will often give advice from their feelings and perspectives and it may not be the best thing for the client. When they develop self-awareness they become empowered and confident in taking their own advice. Being in control of their own lives will ultimately lead them to true joy and peace.

Believing in their Abilities

Having self-awareness will cause clients to look at themselves in an honest and open way. They will begin to realize their true worth and abilities. When they believe in themselves and their abilities, rejections are not dead ends; they just become part of the process. Their beliefs will send messages to their mind that success is obtainable and the self-sabotaging can cease. No one is a complete failure at everything and when a client knows their worth they can believe in their abilities to succeed.

Aware of their Skills

Becoming self –aware allows clients to also become aware of their skills, strengths and weaknesses. When you know that you are a great writer, no one will be able to reject you and through you off course.  J.K. Rowling was rejected at least 12 times, yet, because she knew she had something great she never gave up and the stories of Harry Potter made her a successful writer and millionaire. When a client is aware of the gifts and skills they have inside, they realize that no one can stop them except themselves.  Being aware of these things also reveals what they may not be great at. Knowing when to call in for help can save everyone a lot of aggravation, time, and money.

Promoting self-awareness will always be the goal and the key to a successful client/coach relationship because it produces empowerment and empowerment is and always will be my purpose.

copyright 2012 Lisa Gore